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This website will be switched off on December 1st, 2017. It may be replaced in the future. Cheers for a great ten years!
Harvest Moon Brewery

Some locations don't just belong on Beersurfing. Some locations are closed or don't exist, some contain erroneous information, and some just simply aren't our style. Beersurfing prides itself on building camaraderie amongst beer drinkers and promoting an awesome drinking atmosphere. We feel that locations such as restaurants, delis, and liquor stores simply don't mesh well with the idea of Beersurfing, and we hope you agree.

Deletion is not an automatic process, and all requests are considered by the site administrators. If you feel this location doesn't deserve to be displayed on Beersurfing, please leave a note below explaining why. We appreciate your interest in our website and hope you find a place you like!

~The Management