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Nothing tells you as much about a place and its people as having a drink with the locals. Beersurfing is the act of seeking authentically local bars, pubs, and restaurants and forging a connection with a city and its culture. Beersurfing.com is the ultimate tool to help you do just that. We have tools for finding the best beers and bars whether you’re staying local or going exotic.


With over 10,000 bars known and growing, chances are we can locate someplace to drink near you. Enter an address or postal code into the search engine, and we will provide a list of nearby bars.

Our Philosophy

"It is not down in any map; true places never are." - Herman Melville

Travel should never be about completing a checklist, and drinking is an endeavor worth doing well.

The art of travel is about losing yourself in a new place and among new people. The art of drinking is about finding yourself and others no matter the place. They are natural partners, but are often kept apart by the obstacle of information. The very nature of travel-done-well brings you to new places where the customs and habits of the locals are unknown. In this situation, you would be hard-pressed to discern the authentic from the clichéd, the local from the homogenized. Beersurfing is an effort to bridge this knowledge gap, and bring the arts of drinking and traveling together. There are few customs that cross as many borders as coming together over a drink, and fewer still that have such power to connect people. Our goal is to provide the tools and information necessary for people the world over to be able to find the drinking venue best suited to their personal taste and style, no matter how far from home they are.